How MFiber is changing Pet Food

MFiber uses Miscanthus


A key ingredient in pet foods made with MFiber is Miscanthus. It provides more nutritional value than cellulose, beet pulp, and other fiber sources and half the cost.
MFiber's Process for Renewable Farming


Lab research on our MFiber ingredient for pet food products completed at Kansas State University, University of Illinois, and more, display clear evidence of pet health benefits.

Our Process

Our Non-GMO MFiber pet food ingredient starts in the fields of rural America, through farmers who grow and harvest 100% all natural Miscanthus grass.

Pets Love MFiber

Pet food products that contain our MFiber ingredient are not only the best way to keep pets healthy, but animals love eating it too!

MFiber's High Quality Ingredient

In a time when consumers are demanding human grade ingredients in their pet food products, MFiber makes the most sense. An affordable but nutrition packed product, pets everywhere enjoy the benefits of a higher quality product.

MFiber Benefits of Miscanthus Infographic

MFiber is proud to offer a non-chemically produced fiber ingredient grown by local farmers and manufactured in the USA. MFiber is the smart choice for large, medium and small pet food diets because it is all-natural, non-GMO, grain free and gluten free.