Celebrating national pet month


May is National Pet Month and going for a walk, exploring new places, playing, gifts, adopting, and photo shoots are just a few fun ways to celebrate with your pets.

May is National Pet Month in the United States. It is a time to celebrate all the benefits our pets bring to our lives and vice versa. Although May highlights awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns and resources across various platforms, it is a good reminder that this should happen all the time. 

Here are some fun ways you can do with your pets to celebrate:

Go for A Walk

Take your pet for a walk. Walking is not just for dogs. Train your cat to go for a walk as well. Place a harness on him/ her and start by taking short walks around your neighborhood. 

Explore New Places

Exploring new places is always a great option. Is there a new dog-friendly park or a new restaurant that you have been wanting to go to? Make that visit today and enjoy.

Play Hide and Seek

This a fun one to play with your cat. They will enjoy being the stalker and you being the prey.  Dogs will enjoy this too, especially if you reward them with a treat at the end.

Stimulate Their Brain

What fun way to play with your pet and stimulate their brain? These are great ways to pass the boredom and strengthen their problem-solving skills. You can create an obstacle course (either indoors or outdoors) for your dog or build an indoor playground for your cat using cardboard boxes and other household items. 

Water Games

Your dog might love running in the sprinklers and swimming in the lake.  Your cat, maybe not so much.

Have a Photo Shoot

Ok, maybe so much not directing your pet on how to take their photos. Better yet, let them direct you. Let them run around and you follow them with a camera. You are capturing them in their everyday moment. Then print those photos out, frame them and hang them around your home.  A beautiful way to celebrate them.


Who does not love gifts? You can buy new gifts or even better, make it yourself.  A DIY gift is not only special, but it also comes with the labor of love.  Some ideas may include treats, toys, or beds.  You can find lots of DIY ideas on Pinterest.

Hang up a Bird Feeder

Your cat would love this.  Hang one right outside a window where your cat can easily see the fun things going on outside. 

Do not have a pet of your own or would like to pay it forward? Here are some ways that you can help them.


The best way to help a pet waiting on a forever home. You can be that forever home! If you are looking to add a pet to your family, please consider adopting it through your local shelter or rescue. You will get a lifelong friend in return.


Every bit counts! If you are not able to donate financially, you can always donate your time, skills, or supplies.


Who does not love a little one on one attention? Playing with sheltered cats or dogs will help to socialize them more quickly, making them more likely to find forever homes.


Not sure you have the time or resources to dedicate to adding a pet to your family permanently? You can foster a pet temporarily until the right forever home is found. It is a wonderful way to give back, as well as an opportunity to see what having a pet is all about before you make a lifetime commitment yourself.


Volunteers are essential to helping shelters and rescues achieve their mission of finding forever homes for pets. Just a few hours a month will make a world of difference!

There you have it!  Celebrate your pet this month and every month and you will see some amazing benefits for the both of you. Happy National Pet Month!