MFiber Heads to PetFood Forum


To those in the Pet Food Industry, PetFood Forum is The Super Bowl, The Golden Globes, The World Series, The Masters - and in 2018 it was no different. It is the largest ingredient networking event of the year! It provides industry professionals from around the world the opportunity to showcase new products, to network with one another, to conduct business and attend workshops.

This years PetFood Forum ran from April 23-25, 2018 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri. It was the fourth year MFiber attended PetFood Forum, the past three of which we have been featured as a vendor as well. We had samples of MFiber, handouts, informational videos, and multiple team members where on-hand excited to answer any questions.

Here at MFiber, we were excited to showcase our pet food product as one of the safest, most reliable pet food fiber ingredients on the market. We are proud of the fact that our product is 100% all natural and 100% traceable and we want our customers to feel assured that we can trace our product back to the exact field in which it was harvested. Locally grown in Missouri, MFiber is 100% American made, providing American jobs and ensuring that our product is packed full of integrity. 

To ensure that integrity, we asked Kansas State University to conduct a 15-month case study on our product, while also receiving feedback from the University of Illinois. The results showed that Mfiber is a revolutionary product. It showed that Mfiber produces a near perfect stool test with minimal to no odor, while also inducing growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. It was also found that Mfiber may aid the immune system in warding off intestinal borne diseases which our competitors cannot attest to.

Mike McNichols
Mike McNichols, Writer
Mike McNichols is a 2013 graduate from Missouri State University with a degree in Entertainment Management. Mike will serve as the Marketing and Logistics Coordinator. Mike brings over six years' experience in marketing and supply chain management to Renew Biomass. As Marketing Coordinator, Mike is tasked with marketing products by developing, coordinating and implementing advertising campaigns. He helps to analyze sales forecasts and organize promotional presentations. We believe in a strong social media presence, and it's Mike's responsibility to make sure we are engaging the public on various social media platforms. As Logistics Coordinator, Mike is tasked with coordinating inbound and outbound shipments. He is responsible for monitoring transportation costs and DOT compliance while ensuring on-time delivery to our customers. Mike has spent four years in supply chain management, working as a freight broker and working on the supply side for Monsanto. In addition to Mike's supply chain expertise, he spent two years working as a marketing associate with the St. Louis Cardinals and CBS Radio.