MFiber names Eric Allphin, Vice President of Business Development


Eric Allphin has been named the new Vice President of Business Development for Renew Biomass after being with the company for over 5 years where he served as the Director of Agriculture.

Eric Allphin has been named the new V.P. Business Development for Renew Biomass, maker of MFiber.  Eric has been with the company for over 5 years where he served as the Director of Agriculture.  Renew Biomass is a vertically integrated business so as Director of Ag, Eric had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Miscanthus production through planting, maintaining, harvesting, and transporting to the manufacturing facilities.  “Eric moving into his new role made the most sense.  With Eric’s knowledge of our business and supply chain, he is positioned perfectly to assist customers as they continue to transition their formulations to MFiber” said Dustin Dover, COO Renew

Eric finished his Masters of Science in Crop, Soil, and Pest Management from the University of Missouri where he studied how corn, soybeans, and also perennial grasses like switchgrass or Miscanthus would perform on different topsoil.  Shortly after graduation, he started an Ag consulting business for a few years before accepting the position of Director of Agriculture/Agronomist for Renew Biomass. Ever since he has had a passion for helping farmers diversify their portfolio on their farms as well as producing a high-quality product for the pet food industry.

We look forward to having Eric focus his efforts on customer relations as well as continuing to help companies see the vision and enjoy the benefits of including a sustainable, all-natural, non-GMO, non-grain fiber to their ingredient deck that they have not been able to have in the past. 

Mike McNichols
Mike McNichols, Writer
Mike McNichols is a 2013 graduate from Missouri State University with a degree in Entertainment Management. Mike will serve as the Marketing and Logistics Coordinator. Mike brings over six years' experience in marketing and supply chain management to Renew Biomass. As Marketing Coordinator, Mike is tasked with marketing products by developing, coordinating and implementing advertising campaigns. He helps to analyze sales forecasts and organize promotional presentations. We believe in a strong social media presence, and it's Mike's responsibility to make sure we are engaging the public on various social media platforms. As Logistics Coordinator, Mike is tasked with coordinating inbound and outbound shipments. He is responsible for monitoring transportation costs and DOT compliance while ensuring on-time delivery to our customers. Mike has spent four years in supply chain management, working as a freight broker and working on the supply side for Monsanto. In addition to Mike's supply chain expertise, he spent two years working as a marketing associate with the St. Louis Cardinals and CBS Radio.