Adopt A Dog Month


October is a time for pumpkin spice lattes, breaking out your favorite sweaters and boots, and…puppies! Puppies? Yes! October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month! 

If you’ve been thinking of a furry addition for the family, then animal shelters are the best place to look. American Humane estimates there are 3-4 million animals waiting in shelters each year. There are many benefits to adopting shelter dogs. 

1.    Save A Life 
This is the number one reason! When you adopt from a shelter, you’re rescuing an animal that was lost, abandoned, and alone and giving them the opportunity to experience a happy home again
2.    Healthier Animals  
Shelters perform full health screenings on the dogs they take in. They continue to lead the pet industry in improved animal health. In addition to full screenings, shelters typically neuter or spay animals which means extra savings for you.  
3.    Lower Costs
Breeders and pet stores can charge hundreds, even thousands, for the puppies they sell. Shelter adoption fees are typically a tenth of breeder costs. Some shelters even have free adoption days! 
4.    Support Charitable Institutions 
With limited budgets, shelters rely on volunteers and donations to fill staff gaps. They don’t turn away animals. They are the front line for pets after natural disasters. They are the most caring advocate for animals – the Human Society and other animal shelters help support legislation and laws that protect animals from fighting for sport, product testing, and more
5.    Help Fight Animal Cruelty 
Not all breeders have safe practices with the animals’ best interest at heart. This leads to overbred dog moms and unhealthy conditions for puppies. When you adopt from a shelter you are supporting a good cause and saying NO to animal cruelty. 
6.    You Know More About The Dog
Shelters often use foster parents for their animals. You can learn more about certain dogs’ personalities from their foster parents before you commit to a dog. 
7.    Adult Dogs
We all love puppies! But there are advantages to adult dogs – they are typically already house trained and have grown out of their “chewing on everything” phase. 
8.    You Can Pick From A Variety 
You can find almost any breed you want when you visit a shelter, even purebreds! You can learn more about different types of breeds and which would be the best match for your family and lifestyle.
9.    Lifetime Support
Many shelters are always willing to help you after you adopt a dog and answer any questions you might have about how to best help your dog. The workers and volunteers at shelters have a wealth of knowledge to help you and often hold educational classes and programs for new owners.
Dogs are one of the most loyal animals. Not only do they give you unconditional love, but research shows that their companions experience psychological and emotional benefits from caring for a dog. And to top it off, a research study showed that shelter dogs specifically displayed a high social drive to interact with humans and were typically more trainable than dogs from breeders or pet stores. 
As you consider adding a furry friend to the family, check out your local animal shelter first. Your family and community will thank you!