MFiber Pet Food Fiber has Strong Ties to Agriculture


When you think of pet food, agriculture probably isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind but perhaps it should be. Without agriculture, the pet food industry wouldn’t be able to offer wholesome and nutritious diets for our companion animals. 


Ties to Agriculture

Think about the major ingredients listed on a dog or cat food bag. Many of these ingredients are whole ingredients or byproducts of another food.  Some pet foods use very traditional ingredients like beef, chicken, sweet potatoes and corn. Other pet foods use more novel ingredients like blueberries, pumpkin and apples. What all of these ingredients have in common is their ties to agriculture.  

At MFiber our foundation and product development is centered around agriculture. We work with local farmers to grow Miscanthus under a long-term contract agreement. We start the Miscanthus production process by preparing the ground for planting, from there we work with the farmers to ensure that the crop is getting the proper nutrients it needs in order to produce the most tonnage possible, after the crop has finished growing for the season we use our top-of-the-line harvesting equipment to harvest the Miscanthus crop.  

The large square Miscanthus bales are then shipped from the farm to our manufacturing facility where the bales are ground into a flour-like consistency to be used as a pet food fiber ingredient, MFiber. 

Working With Local Farmers

By working directly with local farmers we are able to ensure product traceability and sustainability, while at the same time supporting rural America. MFiber offers a lot of added benefits that other pet food fibers sources, such as beet pulp and wood cellulose, can’t offer. We know exactly what field our product came from and MFiber is never a byproduct. 

Many consumers are cautious when purchasing pet food for their companion animals. Purchasing MFiber, the all-natural, non-GMO fiber ingredient grown by local farmers is sure to meet consumer demands.  

Lynzee Glass
Lynzee Glass, Director of Communications
Lynzee Glass has always had a passion for agriculture. Lynzee grew up in a small southwest Missouri town on her parentsí beef cattle operation. Her true appreciate for agriculture was developed during her involvement in FFA (Future Farmers of America). Lynzee attended Missouri State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in agricultural communications. After graduation Lynzee worked as the managing editor of Ozarks Farm and Neighbor newspaper, a regional livestock publication, where she had the opportunity to share the stories of Ozark farmers. Throughout that time, Lynzee was published over 100 times. Under her direction as managing editor, Ozarks Farm and Neighbor was award first-place in newspaper- general excellence by the Livestock Publications Council. She has also been recognized in the industry for her writing and photography skills. Today, her role as Director of Communications gives her the opportunity to continue working in agriculture. Lynzee oversees the website, social media, event planning, marketing and advertising. When Lynzee is not at the office she can be found volunteering within her church, serving as the marketing chair for Missouri State University Darr School of Agriculture Alumni and spending time with family and friends.