MFiber Meets 2016 Pet Food Market Trends


It’s no big secret that pet food trends follow human food trends. Many families consider their pets part of the family and want to provide their fur babies with the same healthy options they feed themselves.

Innova Market Insights recently released the food and beverage Top 10 Trends for 2016, which is focused on “clean eating.” Many of these 10 trends have a direct connection to the pet food industry. More importantly many of these trends have a direct connection to MFiber.

Organic growth for a clear label is the number one trend for 2016. Organic and non-GMO food products are showing the strongest growth in human food, with pet food following that trend. MFiber falls into this category as a non-GMO ingredient.

“Free from” for all is the number two trend for the upcoming year. This has been a growing trend for the past several years in both human foods and pet foods. “Free from” includes claims like gluten-free, grain-free and GMO-free – all of which MFiber can claim.

Processing the natural way is the number four trend for 2016. MFiber has no added colors, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and a natural aroma.

Creating a “real” link is the number sixth trend consumers are demanding. Consumers are concerned with where their food comes from and this is also true in the pet food industry. MFiber is grown by local farmers in the Midwest and processed at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Missouri. By working with local farmers we are able to maintain a watchful eye over our product from start to finish so that we can deliver a consistent, high-quality fiber ingredient.

Small players, big ideas come in at number seven. MFiber falls under this category. No other company has attempted to process Miscanthus on this scale before. We are truly leading the way in Miscanthus fiber production.

The indulgence alibi comes in at number nine for consumers. MFiber is a functional ingredient, therefore, pet owners don’t have to feel guilty if their pet food contains MFiber.

MFiber can help pet food manufactures meet the demand for clean labels in 2016 and consumers can rest easy knowing that MFiber is an all-natural, non-GMO, grain-free, gluten-free pet food fiber ingredient grown by local farmers and processed in the USA.

Innova Market Insights Top Tend Trends for 2016:

1.    Organic growth for clear label
2.    Free from for all  
3.    “Flexitarian” affect
4.    Processing the natural way
5.    Green light for vegetables
6.    Creating a “real” link
7.    Small players, big ideas
8.    Beyond the athlete
9.    The indulgence alibi
10.    Tastes for new experiences

Pet food Industry wrote a very informative article on how all 10 of these trends directly relate to the pet food industry. For more information, check out the article, "Top 10 food trends for 2016 have strong ties to pet food."

Lynzee Glass
Lynzee Glass, Director of Communications
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