Farmers play an important part in our daily lives


Farmers play a vital role in our daily lives.  Farmers are responsible for the food we put on our tables three times a day.  Farmers provide the resources for us to put clothes on our backs. Farmers make sure our pets have full bowls.

Only 2 percent of the U.S. population are farmers and ranchers. It’s not always a glamorous lifestyle. Farming and ranching is a 365 - day a year job.  This is no 9 to 5 gig.  Livestock has to be feed, watered, doctored and looked after regardless if it’s a holiday or weekend.  Crops have to be planted and harvested during a very short window, so farmers often work around the clock to put the seed in the ground or reap what they sew.

But it is true, without farmers we’d be hungry,  naked and cold.

There are many factors involved when it comes to feeding a growing world population. Farmers have to adapt to population demands and market fluctuation.  The agriculture industry has to be willing and able to use science and technology to get the extremely demanding job accomplished.

At MFiber, we know the struggles farmers face.  We also, know how rewarding the farming lifestyle can be when you see the results of your hard work.  At MFiber, we work one-on-one with farmers in the Midwest to grow our pet food fiber ingredient.  We work alongside our farmers every step of the way from field preparation to planting to harvesting.  Without these men and women devoting their time and resources to Miscanthus production, our business model would be nonexistent.

In honor of Missouri Farm Bureau Thank a Farmer week, we tip our hats to the hard working men and women who feed, clothe and shelter us 365 days a year.

Lynzee Glass
Lynzee Glass, Director of Communications
Lynzee Glass has always had a passion for agriculture. Lynzee grew up in a small southwest Missouri town on her parentsí beef cattle operation. Her true appreciate for agriculture was developed during her involvement in FFA (Future Farmers of America). Lynzee attended Missouri State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in agricultural communications. After graduation Lynzee worked as the managing editor of Ozarks Farm and Neighbor newspaper, a regional livestock publication, where she had the opportunity to share the stories of Ozark farmers. Throughout that time, Lynzee was published over 100 times. Under her direction as managing editor, Ozarks Farm and Neighbor was award first-place in newspaper- general excellence by the Livestock Publications Council. She has also been recognized in the industry for her writing and photography skills. Today, her role as Director of Communications gives her the opportunity to continue working in agriculture. Lynzee oversees the website, social media, event planning, marketing and advertising. When Lynzee is not at the office she can be found volunteering within her church, serving as the marketing chair for Missouri State University Darr School of Agriculture Alumni and spending time with family and friends.