The Additional Cost Savings From a Unique Pet Food Fiber


In today's business it's sometimes hard to make a switch in your finished products ingredient line without a good reason.  Many times a buyer will ask why they should work with a new product, while usually the most common answer is in the cost savings. To get a buyer to really consider your product, you have to help reduce their cost in some way, and that is exactly what MFiber does.

Lets take a look at some of the  highlights we can offer you at MFiber, while reducing your total cost at the same time.  

Price Control

MFiber is an all-natural, non-GMO fiber source, and one of the only cost effective options on the market. And the benefits don’t stop there,  here at MFiber we are a vertically integrated agribusiness, located in the heart of the pet food industry - the Midwest. We work directly with local farmers to grow Miscanthus, on long-term contracts which allows us to offer our customers long-term price control.  Working with MFiber ensures that you are not going to have to worry about price or availability.  

Not a Byproduct

Miscanthus unlike other sources of fiber, is not a byproduct. Pet food is our primary focus not a secondary product market like byproducts.  We work to tailor our product to your specific needs. 

Miscanthus is Hardy

Miscanthus is a hardy crop that is not affected by weather, plus it's a perennial, which means it only has to be planted once! Because of this we are not held up on the weather during planting like other crops. In addition, Miscanthus is very drought tolerant. 

All Natural

We are proud to offer MFiber an all-natural, non-GMO fiber that contains three times the fiber content of beet pulp; this means you can reduce your inclusion cost and shipping cost. 

Contact us today to learn how to make the wholesome switch.  

Dustin Dover
Dustin Dover, Chief Operating Officer
Dustin Dover has worked with the Miscanthus giganteus project since its inception in 2011. He originally started as the Southwest Missouri Project Manager and was responsible for working with local famers and coordinating the planting of over 3,000 acres of Miscanthus in Southwest Missouri. After the initial planting Dustin began securing markets for harvested Miscanthus and oversaw the development, budget and final specifications of the $8 million processing facility. Miscanthus has never been processed on this scale in the US and the conversion facility had to be completely created from scratch. Dustin now works as the Chief Operating Officer for Renew Biomass and leads a team of employees to oversee production and the manufacturing of M-Fiber. Dustin grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas and graduated from Texas Bible College. After graduation Dustin spent two years serving as a youth pastor. He also traveled regularly doing global missions with time spent in India. In 2005 Dustin transitioned fully into business. Early in his career he was influenced by the vendor and entrepreneurial culture of Northwest Arkansas. He worked as an account lead for one of six companies approved by Walmart for in store event marketing. Just prior to the recession of 2008 Dustin saw an opportunity to move into agriculture and began a career with Willow Brook Foods which was later bought by Cargill. Shortly after the Cargill purchase Dustin transitioned to MFA Oil and spent seven years working for the farmer-owned energy cooperative. He now lives near Springfield, Missouri with wife and three young daughters. They have a small hobby farm and are active in their community specifically leading a small group of 40 adults through their church.