The highly absorbent nature of MFiber makes it the ideal carrier


MFiber has many unique characteristics, however, the purpose of this article is to focus on absorbency.  MFiber is a pith crop meaning it is not hollow, it has a soft sponge like center.  The pith is the main component of Miscanthus that makes it absorbent. When harvesting MFiber we take extreme caution in protecting this characteristic. To do this we utilize a wind-rower to mow our fields which crimps the crop, opening up the center, allowing it to dry even further, thus making it even more absorbent.

Studies have shown that MFiber is more than 7 times absorbent -  meaning that MFiber will absorb 7 times its own weight in water, and that is just where we start.  Additional studies have shown that MFiber can be more than 10 times absorbent depending on the product size and the liquid it needs to carry.

Chart Info: Values are times the starting weight.

* Brine was composed of a 30g/L NaCl Solution

** Sludge is a mixture comprising of (by weight) 30% 10-30 SAE Oil, 25% Coolant, 25% Brine, and 20% Ground Stone

In accordance with ASTM F716. The statements and recommendations made herein are believed to be accurate, however, no guarantee of their accuracy is made.

You might be asking, what does this have to do with pet products?  Well MFiber is already in most leading brands of pet food. MFiber is the leading carrier on the market today.  Many ingredients in your brands are in liquid form when in their natural state, so companies will utilize a carrier to turn their liquid product into a dry flowable alternative. 

There are many enzymes and vitamins on the market today that utilize a product as a carrier. One major carrier is ground corn cob. Not only is MFiber more absorbent (chart above) than corn cob but you also get many additional benefits. MFiber is a sustainable, all-natural, non-GMO product, so even when used as an active ingredient carrier you get superior performance.

It’s no secret that consumers are demanding GMO-free products. Reports indicate that most maize corn cob on the market today is genetically modified. Companies that switch to using MFiber as a carrier can now claim that their product is non-GMO.

We have seen our partners be able to offer more of the active ingredient simply by switching their carrier to MFiber. With MFiber being more absorbent you may be able to offer a higher concentration of the active ingredient.  Many times ingredient companies utilize lesser quality products, simply because they are unaware of newer products on the market.
At MFiber we are dedicated to raising the bar for all pet food, whether you are utilizing MFiber as a fiber or as an ingredient carrier. MFiber can help you stand above the competition with your product! 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you raise the level of performance you expect in your carrier partner. 

Dustin Dover
Dustin Dover, Chief Operating Officer
Dustin Dover has worked with the Miscanthus giganteus project since its inception in 2011. He originally started as the Southwest Missouri Project Manager and was responsible for working with local famers and coordinating the planting of over 3,000 acres of Miscanthus in Southwest Missouri. After the initial planting Dustin began securing markets for harvested Miscanthus and oversaw the development, budget and final specifications of the $8 million processing facility. Miscanthus has never been processed on this scale in the US and the conversion facility had to be completely created from scratch. Dustin now works as the Chief Operating Officer for Renew Biomass and leads a team of employees to oversee production and the manufacturing of M-Fiber. Dustin grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas and graduated from Texas Bible College. After graduation Dustin spent two years serving as a youth pastor. He also traveled regularly doing global missions with time spent in India. In 2005 Dustin transitioned fully into business. Early in his career he was influenced by the vendor and entrepreneurial culture of Northwest Arkansas. He worked as an account lead for one of six companies approved by Walmart for in store event marketing. Just prior to the recession of 2008 Dustin saw an opportunity to move into agriculture and began a career with Willow Brook Foods which was later bought by Cargill. Shortly after the Cargill purchase Dustin transitioned to MFA Oil and spent seven years working for the farmer-owned energy cooperative. He now lives near Springfield, Missouri with wife and three young daughters. They have a small hobby farm and are active in their community specifically leading a small group of 40 adults through their church.