Adopt A Dog Month

October is a time for pumpkin spice lattes, breaking out your favorite sweaters and boots, and…puppies! Puppies? Yes! October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month! 

Uncertainties of production agriculture part 2

With ever-changing prices for agriculture products, many farmers have had to become diverse. At Renew Biomass we help alleviate this worry by providing farmers with multi-year contracts with a set price. As a company, we continue to work diligently on growth in the hopes of increasing the demand for our products.

Uncertainties of production agriculture

There are currently 2 million farms spread across the USA and less than 2% of the U.S. population consist of farmers. By 2050, farmers will have to grow 70% more food than what is produced now to feed the worlds growing population, and it will have to be done on millions of less acres. After accounting for input costs, farmers and ranchers receive only 8 cents out of every dollar spent on food by consumers. The landscape in production agriculture is changing swiftly.

Back to School How To Help Your Pets Adjust

After a long spring and summer of enjoying extended family time (thanks COVID-19!), suddenly leaving your dog home alone is bound to upset him, and he's not the only one. Leaving a cat alone can also result in anxiety and depression. So how can we help our pets cope with the new school year?

This World is Worth It and Customers Want It

Within the pet food industry, companies have made it their mission to talk about sustainability and give the idea to customers that they are sustainable, or at least making a sustainable effort.

MFiber names Eric Allphin, Vice President of Business Development

Eric Allphin has been named the new Vice President of Business Development for Renew Biomass after being with the company for over 5 years where he served as the Director of Agriculture.

MFiber Names Dhanoa Trucking First Carrier of the Year

MFiber is proud to introduce Dhanoa Trucking as our first recipient of MFiber’s Carrier of The Year Award for 2019.

Why Fall Plays an Important Role in Miscanthus Production

Miscanthus,C4 perennial grass

Your common Miscanthus and MFiber questions answered


The highly absorbent nature of MFiber makes it the ideal carrier